2024 BMW X3 Redesign, Release Date, and Price

2024 BMW X3 Redesign, Release Date, and Price. The 2024 BMW X3 was BMW’s best selling crossover for some time but it was surpassed by the larger X5 back in 2023. Even though the X3 is still a great car, it can’t really match the competition anymore. The Porsche Macan, Audi Q5 or even the Jaguar F-Pace are superior cars with much better handling characteristics.

In order to get back on top they are going to release a new model with the 2024 BMW X3. This has already been spied wearing heavy camouflage and it seems it will be quite a bit more different than the ongoing model.

For starters, the new car is going to use BMW’s new modular architecture which underpins most of their new cars. This will allow for a lower center of gravity, less weight, better fuel efficiency and hopefully considering better handling. The end result should be the car the X3 once was: the best sports crossover on the market.

2024 BMW X3 Redesign, Release Date, and Price

The camouflaged prototype seems to be pretty much ready for production. The upper part remained unchanged from the ongoing model which might suggest that BMW wanted to cut some corners to reduce development costs. However, this might change until the model will be officially unveiled.

The car is expected to hit the European showrooms by the end of 2023 while in the US it should come in the early 2024. The price is more than likely going to be similar to the ongoing car. Expect it to cost from $40,000 and up. This would still be quite a bit more affordable than some of its rivals which would give BMW an edge.


In Europe the 2024 BMW X3 will most likely receive a 2 liter turbocharged diesel as its base engine. This should offer between 150 and 220 horsepower and it should become a good part of the car’s total sales. The US market on the other hand will get either a 3 liter gas or a 3 liter diesel. Both of these inline 6 engines will use some form of turbocharging. The two are also going to be available in Europe.

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Early rumors suggest around 310 horsepower for the gas engine and over 260 horsepower for the diesel. A future M version for the X3 is also a real possibility. Most rumors suggest a twin-turbo 3 liter inline 6 with over 410 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque.

2024 BMW X3 Redesign, Release Date, and Price

Like before, rear wheel drive is going to be standard with BMW’s xDrive being an option on most engines. So far it still is unclear if a manual will be offered but we do hope so, especially since one of the prototypes had one.


We managed to take a sneak peak at the interior of the 2024 BMW X3 and it looks quite promising. Most of it was being covered by thick blankets but there were some things revealed. For starters, the center stack seems to be different than what is currently available on any BMW car.

The HVAC vents are new and the LCD panels is pretty much identical to what Mercedes offers on their cars. The instrument cluster also seems new. Despite featuring two round dials, these seem to be part of an LCD screen which might be customizable in the finished version of the car. This exact interior might also be used on the future X4.

2024 BMW X3 Redesign, Release Date, and Price


Like we said, the 2024 BMW X3 is definitely going to use a sportier design. This has been quite clear ever since the first test mule was spied testing. The car will feature a longer wheelbase than the ongoing model, shorter rear overhangs, a shorter front end and possible a sloped roof. The latter has been noticed only recently on the latest prototype. In fact most industry experts expect BMW to offer a car very similar to the Porsche Macan with at least the same proportions. Read more about new 2024 Audi A6.

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However, we are quite sure BMW will get things a bit further than that. For starters, it will have a lot more in common with the 5 and 7 Series in terms of design than with the 3 Series. Also, the car will feature unique design cues such as the previously mentioned sloped roof or even the wide and muscular stance. The design might change until it will be showcased but we do have a good idea about the finished product.

2024 BMW X3 Redesign, Release Date, and Price


The next generation of BMW X3 is set to enter into production line by August of 2023. In this case, the dealerships are going to have this model in their warehouses by November. The November start of sales is the case with European market while the US will have to wait few months to get new X3.

There is serious possibility that customers in States are going to have to wait for the start of 2024 to purchase their favorite crossover. Official presentation for Europe will happen at 2023 Frankfurt Motor Show which begins on September 14th. As far the US is concerned they will probably witness 2024 X3 at Las Vegas (Las Vegas International Auto Show 11/25/2023 – 11/27/2023) or Los Angeles (Los Angeles Auto Show 11/18/2023 – 11/27/2023).

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