2024 Hummer H2 EV Price, Specs, and Release Date

2024 Hummer H2 EV Price, Specs, and Release Date. The production of last Hummer ended more than a decade ago, but the interest for it never faded out. We can find lots of reports about the revival. Some of these reports are mentioning the 2024 Hummer H2 EV. The H2 was the second generation of this off-roader, which came in 2003. Compared to the original H1 model, it was a little bit more sophisticated, more appropriate for city drive.

On the other side, the last, H3 model was much smaller and wasn’t actually a genuine Hummer. Most reports suggest 2024 Hummer H2 EV, as it seems like the best suit for today’s situation on the market. According to the latest reports, it could come already in the next year, of course with a completely new design.

2024 Hummer H2 EV Price, Specs, and Release Date


During its production, the previous generation of the H2 used two engines. Both of them were with eight cylinders and were very inefficient. While they feature plenty of power, fuel economy was extremely poor.

We expect something far more efficient this time. Fuel economy plays a huge role these days and the 2024 Hummer H2 EV would definitely need something efficient to compete with future rivals like Ford Bronco, Jeep Wrangler, etc. We count on some of GM’s current V8 units. This would mean either a 5.3-liter unit with around 355 hp or a 6.2-liter unit that delivers around 420 horsepower.

Some reports are also suggesting that the 2024 Hummer H2 EV could come with some kind of electrified powertrain. We can’t say is it going to be a plug-in hybrid or just a mild hybrid setup.

2024 Hummer H2 EV Price, Specs, and Release Date


Despite the familiar name, the 2024 Hummer H2 EV is about to come with a completely new design. At this point, the exact details are still unavailable. This model is just a rumor. This doesn’t mean we can’t make some predictions and speculate about it.

Of course, one of the first things that come to mind is the platform. We are pretty sure that the new model would ride on GM’s new T1 platform, which underprints pretty much all full-size SUVs and trucks in the range. This makes perfect sense, as the previous H2 was in a closer relationship with Chevy Tahoe.

While mechanics may be suitable for speculations, the stylish seems like a certain thing. We have no doubt that the new model would stick to the genuine Hummer styling philosophy and that we won’t see a bigger departure from previous generations. Exact details about the style are still unavailable.

2024 Hummer H2 EV Price, Specs, and Release Date

2024 Hummer H2 EV interior

Of course, this is where we expect the biggest improvements compared to the previous generation. A huge drawback of all Hummers so far was a low level of comfort and overall functionality of the interior. The cabin was tight, while the visibility was very poor. We expect big improvements in the new model. Of all, the new cabin should offer better ergonomics, as well as more leg and headroom in both rows. Also read more about new 2024 Ram HD.

We expect much better interior quality, as the previous model was pretty much all about hard plastics and similar materials. We count on a full load of tech features. This refers to all aspects, including the latest infotainment and connectivity technologies, advanced safety systems and much more.

Dimensions And Weight

  • Wheelbase (in.) 122.8.
  • Length (in.) 189.8.
  • Height (in.) 79.2.
  • Overall width (in.) 81.2.
  • Curb Weight6400 lbs.
  • Ground Clearance9.9 in.
  • Engine And Transmission.
  • Engine typeV8.
  • Turning Circle43.5 ft.
  • Valves16.
  • Base Engine Typegas.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity32 gal.
  • Weights/ Capacities.
  • Cargo Capacity, All Seats In Place40 cu.ft.
  • Maximum Payload2200 lbs.
  • Maximum Towing Capacity6700 lbs.
  • Maximum Cargo Capacity86.6 cu.ft.
    NOTE: All the table info are based on the old model. When official info is released we will update it.
    PRICE RANGE: $50,000 starting msrp.
    Competitors: Chevrolet Suburban, Jeep Wrangler.

2024 Hummer H2 EV Price, Specs, and Release Date

2024 Hummer H2 EV Release Date and Price.

These days when many carmakers are reviving familiar nameplates, the 2024 Hummer H2 EV doesn’t seem unlikely at all. It could come pretty soon, as the company already has a prepared platform for it. Keep in mind that previous paragraphs are nothing more than rumors.

Keep in mind the previous version wasn’t very successful on the market, which leads us to the conclusion that the 2024 Hummer H2 EV is still just a fantasy. If it ever arrives, we presume that the company will have to offer competitive price, which in numbers means around $50,000 for base versions.


  • Distinctive styling.
  • Powerful powertrain.
  • Good off-road performances.


  • Not so practical.
  • Probably won’t even come.

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