The All-New 2025 Hercules Alpha: Redesign

2025 Hercules Alpha: Everything We Know. The brand-new 2025 Hercules Alpha is a model you never heard of before. This truck actually doesn’t exist. Founded two years ago, Hercules Electric Vehicles is a company that promises luxury, ruggedness, and elegance. Its Alpha model is an electric pickup truck that will reportedly deliver over 300 miles of driving range.

It will run on a four-motor setup and its figures are mind-whooping. Many experts are skeptical about this model and its promised performance figures. As a matter of fact, Alpha truck will generate 1,000 horses, which is a lot. Besides a futuristic look, this model offers a luxury interior, fast charging, and much more.

2025 Hercules Alpha: Everything We Know

Hercules Alpha How it Looks?

The 2025 Hercules Alpha will look futuristic. As we said, Hercules promises bolder design and luxury. The photos are looking impressive. Interestingly, the Alpha truck looks like Nissan Titan. Hercules will actually build its new model around Nissan Titan. Thanks to that, we know that Alpha won’t be made from scratch. Instead, this model will use Titan and modify it. Of course, Alpha is an electric truck so it looks bolder and more futuristic.

2025 Hercules Alpha: Everything We Know


We can’t wait to see if Hercules will deliver promised figures. According to the manufacturer, the 2025 Hercules Alpha will be an amazing performer. For a start, this model will deliver over 300 miles on a single charge. Battery capacity is not available. We know the Alpha model will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds. Top speed is rated at 120 mph.

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Hercules said the model will run on a four-motor setup and it will offer a standard AWD system. Torque-vectoring is available and Hercules also said Alpha will provide zero-radius turning. Total output will generate over 1,000 horsepower, which seems unrealistic. DC fast charging is also available but we don’t know charging ratings.

2025 Hercules Alpha: Everything We Know

2025 Hercules Alpha Release Date

Hercules received more than 27 million dollars in the customer reservation, which is great. However, the manufacturer has no product to offer yet, so the 2025 Hercules Alpha is behind its rivals in the start.

Reportedly, Hercules plans to deliver around 18,000 units in the first year of production. Alpha truck is both the novelty and the mystery at the moment. This truck could arrive at some point next year, so we should know more details in the coming months.

2025 Hercules Alpha: Everything We Know


The world of electric vehicles is hot right now. This is a good thing, of course, you know the reasons. We are mostly interested in electric pickups and trucks. This segment is growing and there are a lot of potential competitors for 2025 Hercules Alpha. Of all, Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, GMC Hummer EV, and Ford F-150 EV will dominate the market.

It is hard to imagine that Hercules will compete with these manufacturers, but Hercules wants to enter the luxury segment. Instead, models such as Atlis XT, Lordstown Endurance, and Nikola Badger are most likely rivals. Some other interesting models are about to arrive as well, including Bollinger B2, Maxus V, and Neuron T. ONE.

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