Chevy Silverado SS 2023: Price and News Update

Chevy Silverado SS 2023: Price and News Update. The all-new Chevy Silverado SS 2023 could happen after all. The latest reports are suggesting for this model to arrive in the first quarter of 2023. The “SS” or “SuperSport” package is a popular option, but only the Camaro model offers it. Things are about to change, as GM could provide this sporty treatment to its famous Silverado pickup. The Chevy Blazer SUV could also get this variant. Interestingly, but Silverado did offer the SS badge in the past.

The times have changed, but the pickup truck segment is now more popular than ever before. The manufacturers are working towards electrification, reviving older models, and delivering sporty versions. Reportedly, Silverado SS will deliver more power but the focus is on the sporty character that this model is about to offer.

Chevy Silverado SS 2023: Price and News Update

Engine Delivers Over 450HP

This is the most interesting part of the Chevy Silverado SS 2023. However, this model is still not official, so it will be hard to predict the engine lineup. The most reliable sources are suggesting a larger 6.2-liter engine with 420 hp, which makes sense. However, the same reports are saying that the GM will re-tune this powertrain, so it will deliver over 450 horsepower.

Furthermore, the torque level will be rated at about 460 lb-ft. We don’t know if the manual gearbox will be on offer, but the eight-speed automatic transmission will be standard for sure. The manufacturer will add new suspension, brakes, and a standard AWD system.

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Chevy Silverado SS 2023: Price and News Update


The upcoming Chevy Silverado SS 2023 is a very sporty treatment so this model will arrive with an extremely sporty character. New Silverado’s design is present, but the SS variant will provide a lot of upgrades. For a start, Silverado SS comes with a very athletic stance. Moreover, GM will modify both the headlights and the grille.

The lower fascia is completely different and the hood looks simply amazing. The SS package will add more muscles and the side profile will look more dramatic. The lower stance is perfectly combined with the incredible wheels and tires. New suspension is on offer and Silverado SS will host a lot of badges. In the back, GM will offer quad exhaust tips, which is just awesome.

Chevy Silverado SS 2023: Price and News Update

Interior Details

The interior of the Chevy Silverado SS 2023 will also add a lot of sporty features. The cabin won’t offer luxury like some other Silverado’s trim levels. However, it is still a premium cabin design with plenty of standard equipment. GM will focus on the sporty character and improved level of comfort.

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New seats and new upholstery will be on offer, and we expect to see sporty bucket seats. Moreover, Silverado SS will gain additional chrome accents and unique contrast stitching. Safety is another category where Chevrolet will try to deliver some improvements. New GM’s Super Cruise system won’t be on offer, but this pickup will add a lot of new driver-assistance aids.

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Chevy Silverado SS 2023: Price and News Update

Chevy Silverado SS 2023 Price, Release Date

In terms of price, the brand-new Chevy Silverado SS 2023 will start at about $50,000 or maybe even higher. New SS variant won’t rival models such as Ford Raptor or Ram Rebel TRX. However, if you want an unique and sporty pickup truck, Silverado SS may be the answer. Reportedly, Chevrolet will launch its new model at some point during 2023.

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