BMW 1 Series 2023: Facelift, Redesign, & Interior

BMW 1 Series 2023: Facelift, Redesign, & Interior. The BMW 1 Series represents the range of premium compact vehicles constructed by BMW because 2004. The natural follower to the BMW E46 Compact, the very first generation of the BMW 1 Series has actually been marketed in 4 various body styles: 3 and five doors, in addition to coupé variants. and Cabrio. No other vehicle in the compact sector has used the formula on which the success of the BMW 1 Series is based. Between the years 2011 and 2017, around one million units of the BMW 1 Series have been offered.

Europe is the most crucial market for this compact BMW considering that it is where more than 70% of sales have been assigned. The most important markets, according to countries, for BMW and its 1 Series were Germany, Great Britain, and China.

BMW 1 Series 2023: Facelift, Redesign, & Interior

Due to its attributes, measurements, and price, the rivals of the BMW 1 Series go through models such as the Volkswagen Golf, the Audi A3, or the Mercedes A-Class. These 3 vehicles are, together with the BMW vehicle, the main representatives of premium-cut compacts, and yet this is the only one of them all that has a mechanical design that is out of the ordinary in this classification.

We can discover alternatives to the BMW 1 Series in other cars on the marketplace such as the Alfa Romeo Giulietta or the Infiniti Q30.

The BMW 1 Series is a vehicle that uses rear-wheel drive, a 50:50 weight circulation, longitudinally arranged engines, multi-link suspension integrated aluminum, in addition to a large range of gasoline and turbodiesel engines. The very first generation was developed together with the BMW 3 Series (E90). It was released in the fall of 2004 and shares many parts -more than 60%- at the structural level: chassis, suspension, and electronic devices, among other components.


The very first generation of the BMW 1 Series was marketed between the years 2004 and 2013. This series of BMW vehicles replaced the BMW 3 Series Compact as the tiniest and most budget-friendly vehicle to buy in the whole BMW range. The BMW 3 Series Compact was a three-door hatchback variant, based on the BMW 3 Series. This model remained in production from 1993 to 2004. It was based on the E3 6 platform but later evolved using the E 46 platform. in 2001.

BMW 3 Series Compact models were at first readily available with four-cylinder petrol engines. Later, the Series 3 Compact variety would be expanded throughout the years with compressed natural gas engines, four-cylinder diesel engines, and six-cylinder fuel engines. Unlike most competitors of the time, the 3 Series Compact used the particular rear-wheel drive, instead of front-wheel drive, of the German maker BMW.

BMW 1 Series 2023: Facelift, Redesign, & Interior

Body styles for the first generation of the BMW 1 Series consisted of a three-door hatchback (E81 ), five-door hatchback (E87 ), two-door coupé (E82 ), and two-door convertible (E88 ).

The engines readily available for the first-generation Series 1 variety were four-cylinder diesel and 4- and six-cylinder petrol engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged depending upon the engine. The BMW 1 Series represented almost a fifth of the BMW Group’s total sales in 2008.

This very first generation of the 1 Series E87 developed an access indicate the range of the German producer below the BMW 3 Series. The BMW 1 Series Coupé (E82) was revealed at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show and went on sale in November 2007. A couple of months later on, the premiere of the BMW 1 Series Convertible (E88) happened. In June 2011, the second generation is announced. The restructuring of the BMW variety impacts the Coupé and Cabrio variants. At the end of their industrial life, and taking advantage of the presentation of the 2nd generation, they enter into Series 2 in 2014.

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This is the 3rd generation

The brand-new generation of the BMW 1 Series, called the F20, maintains the volumes so particular of the model, however without the sharp edges of Chris Bangle’s design. The new generation of the compact BMW has a more rounded and vibrant design. Its proportions grow, both in length and width, and, what is more crucial, it increases its wheelbase by 3 centimeters. Thanks to this there is a little more legroom in the rear seats, something that was missing.

These are the measurements of the BMW 1 Series: it has a length of 4.32 meters, a width of 1.76 meters, and its height stays at 1.42 meters. The wheelbase for the three and five-door bodies stays at 2.69 meters.

BMW 1 Series 2023: Facelift, Redesign, & Interior


The renewal also affects the series of engines, with the incorporation of solutions derived from BMW EfficientDynamics technology, which guarantees that the brand-new BMW 1 Series takes in less fuel and has fewer emissions. For the very first time, the BMW 1 Series can be combined with new 3- and four-cylinder engines. The gasoline engines of the BMW 1 Series offer powers between 110 hp and 224 hp. The top of the range is made up of the in-line six-cylinder BMW M140i, which increases its power to 340 hp.

The remainder of the range is finished with the diesel engines of the BMW 1 Series, with powers in between 116 CV and 190 CV. The BMW 116d EfficientDynamics is the most effective BMW in the whole range -without taking into account the BMW i- thanks to its average consumption of 3.4 l/100 km and very low CO2 emissions, as you can see in our BMW 116d test.

All BMW 1 Series has a six-speed manual transmission as basic, although they can likewise be equipped with an eight-speed Steptronic automated transmission.

The six-cylinder in-line– this is the evidence of the BMW M140i– and the diesel versions BMW 120d (190 hp) and BMW 118d (150 hp) can be optionally equipped with the xDrive all-wheel-drive system. The dynamic capability of the 2nd generation of the BMW 1 Series guarantees to remain the market criteria. Here you have the test of the BMW 1 Series 2015.

The well balanced distribution of weights together with its rear-wheel-drive offers it excellent behavior. Optionally, the adaptive suspension, the M sports suspension with a harder setting, the power guiding with variable hardening, or a set of high-performance brakes can be geared up for the most effective variation.

BMW 1 Series 2023: Facelift, Redesign, & Interior


In the visual section, the design of the BMW 1 Series stands apart thanks to the lengthened sideline, the molded side surface areas that emphasize the wheel arches, or the extended forward side sills to underline the dynamic character of the entire. The three-door BMW 1 Series version has its personality thanks to the trace of the lines together with its bodywork or the doors with frameless windows, which provide an undisturbed glass surface area from the B-pillar to the drop of the roof. In 2015 a new image was released for the 1 Series, much more individual and stylish.

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After a couple of years on the market, BMW designers choose to upgrade the 1 Series line. Of course, these modifications impact both bodies. The main modifications are seen at the front. The new Series 1 debuts some optical groups, with a sportier appearance, that include LED innovation. The front bumper is also updated to provide a more aggressive visual, for that reason, the air consumptions are now larger.

Even the common kidneys at the front of the BMW 1 Series now have more character. At the rear of the BMW compact, there are also novelties. The optical groups motivated by those of the Volkswagen Polo are abandoned (keeping in mind those of the latter) and now it has can be found in the form of ‘L’ that, of course, overcome LED innovation.

BMW 1 Series 2023 Interior

The interior of the BMW 1 Series is likewise upgraded. The equipment of the BMW 1 Series consists of the BMW Professional radio as basic and the iDrive controller to run the menus on the 6.5-inch screen that is integrated into the control panel. By the way, now Bluetooth connectivity and USB connection become part of the basic devices inside the BMW 1 Series.

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In terms of security, the BMW ConnectedDrive driver assistance systems are extended by the active radar cruise control system with the Stop & Go function. In addition, it releases a state-of-the-art parking system that enables you to park in the tiniest spaces.

BMW 1 Series 2023: Facelift, Redesign, & Interior

Connection is important for BMW and this is demonstrated by the investment of resources in this section recently. The brand-new BMW 1 Series includes as standard an incorporated SIM card that immediately interacts the car with the emergency situation services in the event of a mishap. This SIM card also allows you to develop your web network to which you can link the online home entertainment system or the real-time traffic alert system.

There are numerous lines of surfaces for the 1 Series: Sport, Urban, and M Sport, they use an option to the fundamental devices considering that they allow the vehicle to be customized according to the tastes of each client.

BMW 1 Series Price

The variety begins at 25,300 euros for the access model to the variety: BMW 116i. In addition, the BMW Group uses in its network of official workshops a series of set prices for the upkeep of the BMW 1 Series. These prices include original BMW parts, with a 2-year warranty, labor, and taxes. Here’s everything you need to understand about servicing your BMW 1 Series.

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