Everything We Know about 2024 Volvo S60

2024 Volvo S60.Volvo is in the process of revamping its lineup and next on the table is the 2024 Volvo S60. Predicted for release sometime early in 2023 this car will be the continuation of the good work the Swedish automakers are doing. This model is actually in desperate need of an update and after the already establish reworkings of its star cars like the XC90, S90 sedan, and V90 wagon, the time has come for the Volvo S60 to receive a refresh.

The news came with certain renderings of the car being released and some pictures of it. We do not have a lot of official incarnation about the car as Volvo is keeping all to itself, there was a lot of leaked information and even some spied pictures being offered which lead us to believe that the model is underway sooner than we think.

Everything We Know about 2024 Volvo S60

After the announcement of the 2024 Volvo S60, there were also some speculations that the V60 wagon might also get the same kind of reshaping and the XC60 is also gearing up for the next-generation release. This is certainly an exciting time for the Volvo brand and with this review, you will be able to learn more things about the releases that are to come.

2024 Volvo S60 Exterior Remodeling

What some indications are is that the 2024 Volvo S60 is going to have a really handsome looking design. It is going to be established with a ‘ Thor’s hammer’ LED signature being placed through the headlight cluster and it will also add newly made headlights. The renderings also show that the car is going to have larger wheel arches and larger wheels as well which are not just going to make the car athletic looking but also give it a more supermarket look.

The rear end of the Volvo is going to add a C-shaped LED tail-light and there are also going to be some large tailpipes protruding down below. The square tailpipes are going to help the car achieve a more premium look and a cleaner design. The proposed changes could do a great deal for the S60 brand and will update both its look and popularity on the market.

Everything We Know about 2024 Volvo S60

2024 Volvo S60 interior

What the interior of the 2024 Volvo S60 is concentrating on is that it is going to update the comfort of the car and also the technological features. When it comes to the interior, there is far less information than anything else. This part might be updated in the same manner as the S90 model was. They had a lot of success updating this car on the inside so the same kind of formula might be implemented here and will perhaps give a good kind of a look for the vehicle. The technology is the important part and the mode will certainly update some software and include advanced features for the upper trim. This is all to get the best out of the 2024 Volvo S60 model.

Engine Specs and Performance

There are speculations that the 2024 Volvo S60 might also add a completely new Drive-E 2.0-liter turbocharged engine The company has been preparing to downsize its range so as a possibility this is going to be a part of the drivetrain. As for the T6 and T8 performance variants, there is a plug-in hybrid option of the engine with an electronically assisted engine. The last version was able to make 240 horsepower and the T6 gave 302 hp, but expect those numbers to shift.

Everything We Know about 2024 Volvo S60

0-60 mph Capacity

The 2024 Volvo S60 might expand its acceleration capability. The model is supposed to update the engine to be more fuel-efficient and faster. It loses a bit of its power the rates of 6 seconds to reach the 0-60 mph mark for the base and 5.6 seconds for the T6 might drop a few tens of a second.

2024 Volvo S60 Fuel Economy Rating

The same thing goes for the fuel economy of the 2024 Volvo S60. The previous engines made an EPA rating of 18/27/21 mpg for the six and 22/31/25 mpg for the twin-charged inline-4 engine. As they are preparing to introduced a completely new powertrain expect to see some better and improved fuel economy ratings for the newest model.

2024 Volvo S60 Dimensions and Size

The dimension and overall size of the 2024 Volvo S60 have not been discussed in a great manner for now and the renderings did not show any changes in regards to dimensions. Since any of the recent Volvoupdates came with dimensions changes it is safe to say that this one is not going to be made. The current dimensions are going to stay which also means that the interior volume and trunk capacity is the same.

Safety Ratings and Equipment

Updating the technology of the 2024 Volvo S60 also means updating safety. The technological updates are certainly going to affect the safety equipment as well and there are a lot of active safety specs that are going to be implemented here. The current vehicles already have a Top Safety Pick+. and also an overall “Good” rating from the IIHS so they are paling to continue with the same style in the future.

Everything We Know about 2024 Volvo S60

List of Rivaling Models

The segment where the 2024 Volvo S60 is going to be featured is a tough one and there are a lot of cars which you have to watch out for. Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and BMW are the top dogs in the segment for a long time and Volvo might try to add some changes so it gets a bit closer to the models and their style. The list of rivals contains such cars as Acura TLX, Audi A4, BMW 3 Series, Buick Regal and Mercedes-Benz C-Class models which all have their own statements to make and can easily surpass the S60 as only small things can make a difference here. you can compare with 2024 Jeep Wrangler Truck.

2024 Volvo S60 Release Date

When the news about the 2024 Volvo S60 release becoming a reality, everyone was wondering when will that possibly happen. As there are many indications about this truly happening the most suitable one is that it will be between the start and middle of 2021. Volvo has refrained from all announcements till now and we can expect them to come out after the car is in its advanced part of development.

2024 Volvo S60 Possibly Price

The price will probably not resemble the current one and the 2024 Volvo S60 is going to get a price boost. We do a thing that it will keep all of the standard trims that it had so far but we are not certain how much pricier each one will get. The current prices start at $ 34,400 as base MSRP for the T5 model, $40,500 for the T5 R-Design, $59,800 for the Polestar trim, $37,100, for the T5 Premiere $44,600, for the T6 R-Design and$ 44,600 for the top trim the T6 Platinum.

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