RAM 1500 EV 2024: Release Date and Price

RAM 1500 EV 2024: Release Date and Price. Ram is lastly getting into the rumble with their RAM 1500 EV 2024. Ford’s all-electric F-150 Lightning is currently in production. Chevy Silverado is likewise announced and well along the way to hit the road early next year. So it was simply a matter of time when Ram would attempt to interrupt the chain of command. They had us worried, however nobody ever doubted that Ram will not wow us with their EV strategies.

This excellent news is coming in the type of an all-electric 1500 variation of the half-ton pickup truck. It ought to have a lot of similarities with the gas-guzzling cousin. This suggests that the body on frame building and construction will still be present. And four-wheel drive is most possible.

There is word that the RAM 1500 EV 2024 will beat its rivals in the terms of mileage and performance. There will be a range extender used with some packages and trims. This most likely implies more batteries under the hood. In regards to performance, the RAM 1500 EV 1500 can tow as much as 10 000 pounds which is a lot.

Keep reading to discover more about the upcoming RAM electric truck.

RAM 1500 EV 2024: Release Date and Price

RAM 1500 EV 2024 Engine Options

Ram is part of the Stellantis now, this suggests that the RAM 1500 EV 2024 will get the very best treatment possible. Fast charging will undoubtedly be readily available, this is a huge plus due to the fact that nobody likes awaiting too long at the filling station. First, it was stated that the power will be 150 kW, but since then the maker changed their story and upped that number.

This suggests more power more torque more mileage, more enjoyable. It was likewise specified that the charging time will be much better than with the competition, which is a great method to win the hearts of purchasers. There is word about the EV version with fuel cels, this will be for heavy-duty trucks. With this technology, Stellantis enables the 1500 EV to be charged in around 4 minutes. The discussed mileage is around 500 miles, which is much more than its competition and this puts the Ram in the front for sure. With the mentioned range extender search for Ram to run far ahead of the pack.

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RAM 1500 EV 2024: Release Date and Price


On the outside, we make sure that the RAM 1500 EV 2024 will stick out in the crowd. This truck is created and got a facelift and we like everything. The designers made it look slick and futuristic. Yet it looks aggressive and all set to roar off and on the road. There are undoubtedly less angles, the truck does not have that blocky appearance it is utilized to. The front grill is big and broad. This is for numerous reasons, to enhance air blood circulation and to improve the appearance of the truck itself. Much better air blood circulation implies much better performance and enables the drivers to push the truck to its limitations.

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Considering this is a pickup that is expected to go to work, there will be plenty of that. We noticed huge mad off-road wheels, which is to be anticipated. They make the truck appearance mad and improve control and driveability on and off the tarmac. Ram stepped far from the design of the traditional headlights. There is a wide LED bar on the front and small led strips under them. This is a fresh make over and will absolutely enhance presence throughout night drives. Turning lights are on the side mirrors and the whole truck itself looks more aerodynamic.

RAM 1500 EV 2024: Release Date and Price

We are not exactly sure what kind of materials are utilized on all the RAM 1500 EV 2024 parts, but we think some lightweights were used anywhere possible. This means front grille and wheel alloy. This would slash off weight, which is very important in every truck, however in electric vehicles, it matters a lot more because of the possible mileage.


In order to stand out in the crowd of ever-increasing electric vehicles, the RAM 1500 EV 2024 requires to do something drastic. This suggests that although they plan to obtain the majority of the interior decoration from the gasoline variation of RAM 1500, it should still be special and represent the type of truck the EV is.

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In our viewpoint, an electric vehicle is imminently the future and needs to feel unique and luxurious. While there are still no official statements or pictures we can envision what the cabin would look like based upon its competition and RAMs’ previous work. Putting some good quality leather on the upholstery would do great to the truck. It would certainly be more comfortable when compared to the low-cost fabric.

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RAM 1500 EV 2024: Release Date and Price

It would be excellent to line the guiding wheel with some nice materials as well, it is about time we guided away from the cheap plastic on our controls. The RAM 1500 EV 2024 dashboard ought to be all-electric, this will represent the future and the course on which most manufacturers are set. Most manufacturers including Ram are claiming to put out all EVs by a certain year, this remains in order to stop the environmental crisis.

Infotainment System, and Connectivity

Expect a multiple speaker surround system, unsure if it is going to be brand made. The infotainment system ought to be at least 10 inches. This would allow everybody to enjoy the fun. The RAM 1500 EV 2024 truck requires to sit 5 individuals comfortably in order to be seven considered the very best truck in the class. We are not sure what trims there will be exactly.

RAM 1500 EV 2024: Release Date and Price

Connectivity should not be a concern, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are readily available as in a lot of trucks nowadays. Wifi hotspot in addition to Bluetooth too. What would also be nice are the heated and aerated seats, this would contribute to the much-needed and south after convenience.

RAM 1500 EV 2024 Price and Release Date

The main release date is still unidentified however we believe it will be early 2024. This is around the time most other producers revealed their discoveries, especially in the department of EV trucks. The RAM 1500 EV 2024 price need to begin around $40.000 per rumor.

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