2024 Genesis GV80 SUV: Specs, Price, Release date

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV: Specs, Price, Release date. Four years ago, Hyundai established a new premium brand which now has three models in the lineup. Logically, it is time to finally see a crossover. According to the latest reports, the brand’s first SUV will come this year, as the 2024 Genesis GV80 SUV.

The Korean carmaker took a little bit different path compared to other premium makers. It would sound more logical to start with something smaller, but the Genesis will start with a full-size SUV.

Interestingly, Hyundai doesn’t have an SUV of this size in the offer. Will this be a good move, time will tell. At this moment, we can only say that the new model will compete with some pretty serious players such as Mercedes-Benz GLS and the upcoming BMW X7. We expect to see 2024 Genesis GV80 SUV in the second half of the year, probably premiered on some major show.

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV: Specs, Price, Release date

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV Engines

Under the hood, the 2024 Genesis GV80 SUV should come with familiar units. Base models will probably come with six cylinders.

This clearly points to the company’s familiar 3.8-liter V6, which comes with tech features like the three-stage variable intake system, triangular fuel injector pattern, air-gap exhaust manifold and similar things that provide better efficiency. A total output goes around 310 horsepower, which seems like a decent amount for base versions.

For those who want more serious performances, a 5.0-liter V8 should be in the offer. This one is good for about 420 horsepower and 383 pound-feet of torque. Some reports suggest a hybrid versions, though details about it are still unavailable. As we already mentioned, AWD should be standard in all versions.

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV: Specs, Price, Release date

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV Design

In terms of base design characteristics, the 2024 Genesis GV80 SUV will utilize the latest technologies and design solution that the Korean manufacturer achieved with the new luxury brand as much as possible. This particularly refers to the platform, which will be the same as the one that underprints luxury sedans G80 and G90.

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This leads us to an interesting conclusion. A full-size SUV, the 2024 Genesis GV80 SUV will practically be a crossover, considering the unibody platform. This means both pros and cons, but a good thing is that the overall comfort will definitely be at a higher level.

In terms of dimensions, this will be a typical full-size SUV, extra-long wheels and three rows of seating on the inside. Primarily an RWD platform, latest reports suggest that even the most basic versions will feature AWD layout, which sounds great.

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV: Specs, Price, Release date

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV Styling

In terms of the styling, we have no doubt that the 2024 Genesis GV80 SUV will be heavily based on the concept version, which was presented in 2017. The overall shape and size should be pretty much the same. Still, be sure that some of the exciting design solutions will be left out. This refers to parts such as headlights.

Instead of super-narrow double headlamps, we expect to see something more conventional in the serial production model. The front face should resemble the brand’s design language, which has been established by new sedan models.

Same goes to the rear end. Interesting twin taillights will be replaced. Bumpers should also feature a more conventional shape. The new SUV is still in a testing stage and mule still wears a camouflage, so we can go more specific. More details about the styling will be known in the next few months.

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV: Specs, Price, Release date

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV Interior

The interior of the new 2024 Genesis GV80 SUV is still a mystery. The concept version came with a pretty amazing cabin design. It was characterized by a nice combination of large digital screens and elegant horizontal lines, while the center control panel was designed in a typical nautical manner.

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We are pretty sure that the production version won’t be such exclusive. Most likely, we will see something close to the G80 sedan, which was introduced a couple of years ago. In practice, this means a far more conventional styling, which will definitely cut production costs. Also read more about new 2024 Nissan Juke.

When it comes to practicality and functionality, keep in mind that this will be a full-size SUV. The cabin should be very spacious.

Count on three rows of seats. The first and second rows will be very generous in terms of space, while the third one largely depends on the final layout. Same goes for the cargo area, which should be quite spacious.

2024 Genesis GV80 SUV Release Date and Price

If we can rely on the latest reports, the 2024 Genesis GV80 SUV will come this year. We are still waiting to get some info from the officials. In any case, we estimate that base models will go somewhere around 65.000 dollars.

This brand-new SUV will compete with models like Mercedes-Benz GLS and BMW X7, as well as with more traditional body-on-frame SUVs like Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator etc.

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